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Overland Van Project is what happens when I finally get fed up with society and decide to go live in the wilderness in a pimped-out custom Sprinter van. Or maybe I’ll just go camping in one. The company makes some really cool custom overlanding vans for a variety of purposes, up to and including full-on custom jobs.

OVP Custom vans are completely custom from start to finish. To start, professional conversion van designers take the time to understand your wants, needs and budget restrictions before determining the best layout and the right stylistic details.

overland van project

Once a preliminary design is approved, OVP’s experienced and knowledgeable engineers create the appropriate systems (electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling) and produce full 3D renderings of your exact build. Finally, after the project is funded, the van rolls into their shop and your build begins.


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2850 Northwest 29th Avenue

Portland, OR 97210

ABOUT Overland Van Project®

The OVP Team is dedicated to helping retirees, millennials, families, and co-pilot pups explore more and make memories from the comfort of their fully custom adventure vans.