Meet the WD-40 TRAD Chevy Truck

Time Traveler

The curvaceous and uplifting design of the 1951 Chevrolet 3100 fit the post-World War II optimism of the time, with America rising to the front of the global stage and the automobile as a symbol of freedom. Drive-in movies, Friday night football, and an open bed in the back for hauling around memories.

wd-40 chevy custom pickup truck profile

The original truck came off the line just before the scientists at Rocket Chemical Company developed the formula for WD-40 Multi-Use Product –which, on the 40th try, came into existence in 1953. This model vehicle would be among the thousands of automobiles serviced using WD-40 Brand Products in the coming years, and the work for the rebuild project brought much nostalgia along for the ride.

wd-40 chevy custom pickup truck

Taking the time, attention, and energy to complete a custom truck build from the ground up requires equal parts passion and purpose. WD-40 Company shared a vision for the project with off-road crew chief Trad Ronfeldt, seeking an authentic time-capsule aesthetic without sacrificing performance on the road. By fabricating new parts to match the year and model of the 1951 Chevrolet 3100, the classic truck is now born again in all its former glory – and ready to work and perform as a modern-day automobile. Throughout the build Ronfeldt leaned on his experience as the crew chief for 7x Off-Road Champion Kyle LeDuc, and Chip Ganassi Racing’s Extreme E all electric rally car, to bring the cutting edge of fabrication and racing development to this build. As he put it, “I want this to look like it rolled off the factory line.”

wd-40 chevy custom pickup truck profile

Ronfeldt used several WD-40 Brand Products during the restoration and build process, including the classic Multi-Use formula now housed in the WD-40® EZ-REACH delivery system – a favorite among car mechanics for its 8-inch flexible straw.

wd-40 chevy custom pickup truck profile

Several formulas from the WD-40 Specialist line also proved invaluable, since the build called for a completely new drivetrain and transmission system.

Ronfeldt chose a carbureted V-8 Chevrolet 383 Stroker engine to churn the wheels of this machine, producing 520hp horsepower – a significant upgrade in displacement from the inline six-cylinder 92hp 1951 engine.

wd-40 chevy custom pickup truck profile

It has a roar to rival the iconic attitude of the original Chevy 3100 and the power to back it up. There’s an art to custom building and restoring classic cars.

wd-40 chevy custom pickup truck profile

The choices of when and how to bring in new parts or maintain the original design makes all the difference. With the success of this build, there’s no doubt the winner of the SEMA Cares / Child Help auction is more than satisfied.


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